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iNetFormFiller is a unique product that will help you autofill any forms in a single click
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25 September 2009

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Filling up forms is an activity that everyone has done sometime or the other in his/her lifetime. As students and professionals we have had the chance of filling up a form for anything. Nowadays, systematic data collection activity calls for document filing of any individual’s demographic and personal information for diverse purposes like application forms for applying for educational courses, bank accounts, loans, medical services and so on and so forth. Even customer feedback has caught the fancy of many small and large businesses with requesting the customers to provide their comments and opinions on businesses. However, all this involves a manual process of pen and paper documentation which understandably requires time and effort. Since automated processes are in vogue, a unique software application called iNetFormFiller 3.6.20 has come up with the idea of automatic form filling.

The iNetFormFiller 3.6.20 has a smartly arranged interface with main options located at the top pane and filling options on the main screen window. The software facilitates automatic form filling and saves time in the process. The batch mode filling feature of the software enables multiple form filling and increases convenience of the user, and is especially useful for people working with web applications on daily basis. The function of the software works pertaining to data profiles prevailing. It consists of preset fields for entering data and even has the option to create new controls. The mechanized feature of the software assists in pulling information from profiles available and filling up forms in a fast and accurate manner. Several configuration cards can be used for same form and fill up the form using the correct profile automatically.

Overall, iNetFormFiller 3.6.20 scores over many others in its class in term of ease of use gets a score rating of 3.5 points for its reliable performance. However it could well do by adding a set of suggestion features for filling fields that do not have previous references.

Publisher's description

iNetFormFiller is a unique product that will help you autofill any form in one click. It saves time you’d normally waste on manual form filling. With iNetFormFiller the costs of your multiple form filling will be reduced to the minimum! And all of these benefits thanks to the unique feature of iNetFormFiller – batch-mode form filling!
- Save time – Don’t waste time on manual form filling. iNetFormFiller will do the job for you.
- Increase convenience – using the system of smart field recognition the program serves as the perfect password manager.
iNetFormFiller, an ideal solution for people working with web forms every day.
iNetFormFiller operation revolves around data profiles. Tune profiles to specify how the program will use your data to complete forms, even on web pages you’ve never visited before. If the preset fields are not enough, you can add your own controls or even combines those already in existence.
When loading web pages, iNetFormFiller analyzes them and, thanks to the feature of smart field recognition and autofill, completes the forms using relevant data from profiles (for example, it may prove useful to create multiple profiles if you work with several languages).
The software provides accounts - you can pass-protect profiles for different users (password generator is an important bonus here). Beside that, you can save several configuration cards for the same form and select the relevant one when completing the form. Still, you can select one of the saved form as the default configuration and it will complete the form automatically. That means, if you fill the same form for the second time, it will automatically select the card you used last time. For example, if you have two different email accounts, iNetFormFiller will easily recognize which one is relevant for the current form and... you're only one click away form your mailbox.
Version 3.6.20
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